The Future of Athlete Development: Food for Thought

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As the field of athlete development increases in popularity, what do you think are the implications for the future of the industry? What are the hot topics? How is your organization proactively identifying and meeting the needs of your athletes?

Pay for Play
It’s going to happen, just a matter of time. California and New York are leading the charge. What do you think the implications are, role will be for student-athlete development professionals should this legislation pass? How engaged are you in this conversation with your administrators?

Mental Wellness
What service model is your athletic department implementing to establish the appropriate structure, identify relevant content and select trained mental health professionals to deliver this service?

Leadership and Social Responsibility
What are the goals of your leadership program? Do they include sport-specific experiences for diverse groups of athletes? Assist them with finding their voice and learning how to effectively use it?

What is the relationship between athlete personal and professional development and performance? What are the implications for athlete development professionals and service providers? How do you measure and evaluate the impact of your programming? How are research and best practices integrated into your work?

Professional Development
How are you sharpening your skill set, preparing for your next promotion, position, career?

Leading athlete development professionals are aware of, think about these topics and questions and invest in their own professional development. They are forward thinkers, innovators, forecasters. They have influence with their administrators and add value to their organization. They have outstanding relationships with and the trust of their athletes. They collaborate with industry experts to create and implement best-in-class programming that meets individual athlete, team and organizational goals. Are you a part of the future of athlete development? We’d love to hear about your experience and thoughts.

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