Remember to Take Care of You

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My first job was the summer after my senior year in high school. I worked 4pm-12am on an assembly line making manila folders at a plant just outside my hometown. My second job that same summer was cleaning the office buildings of an insurance company with my mom on the weekends. I had jobs every summer of my undergraduate years in college as well as between the school years when I taught in high school and middle school early in my career.

Those of you who work in sports are always working. That’s not to say that people in other industries don’t feel like they’re always working too. You sometimes struggle to take time off, take vacations. And when you do, it can take a day or two or three to actually unwind and not think about work. That was my experience pretty much my whole life until I finally realized that taking care of everyone and everything else wasn’t good for me mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Most people are passionate about what they do for a living. I certainly am. But sometimes we need a gentle reminder that no “thing” or no “one” is more important than OURSELVES. Words can’t fully describe how much my life has changed for the better since I got off the roller coaster I’d been on for 35 years. It’s like I woke up to life for the first time. I haven’t learned to play golf or speak Spanish yet, but I still do many of the things I used to, just on my own time and at my own pace. I even watch nighttime television, something my friends still cannot believe ?. And there is absolutely nothing better than living close to my family again after over twenty years.

When it’s all said and done, the only important thing in life is your faith, health, happiness and living out your purpose. Not money, not fame, not material things and no, not your job. So, remember to take care of YOU because you’re the only YOU that you have and YOU deserve the best life!

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  1. “Dr. Hilliard was respected the first day I met her. She was very welcoming and open to getting to know me and about my goals for the future. She shared some advice and suggestions to me that open more doors for me and I am forever thankful for meeting her and having her in my life. I encourage others to reach out to her and learn about all that she has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.”

    1. Hi Shannon! Thank you for your kind words. I love career coaching enthusiastic, goal-oriented young people like yourself. I remember our lunch at Virgil’s in NYC. There’s no better place or view in the city to brainstorm, plan the future and have great BBQ! But we have some pretty good places in Htown also :-).

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