What’s Up With Athletes Pursuing Careers in Athlete Development?


One of the things I’ve enjoyed most since starting my company is developing relationships with former athletes who are also in careers that empower other athletes to maximize their opportunities and prepare for life after sports.

I would like to introduce you to a few of the rising stars in the industry who I’ve gotten to know. I think you’ll be as impressed as I am with their innovative approaches to athlete education and development.

Malcolm Lemmons is founder of Players Point, a marketing and branding agency that utilizes web design and social media to build brands for professional athletes, fitness professionals, and executives in the sports industry.He is host of the Players Point Podcast, a show that features in-depth interviews with current and former professional athletes and author of “Lessons From the Game.” Malcolm was a professional basketball player in Tokyo, Japan. www.malcolmlemmons.com.

Amobu Okugo has been a major league soccer player since 2010. He founded Frugal Athlete, a financial literacy company to help shine a light on the financial decisions that athletes are faced with and increase financial literacy, with not only resources but also stories from athletes about athletes. www.afrugalathlete.com.

Tywanna Smith is President of The Athlete’s NeXus, a sports marketing and lifestyle management solution for today’s professional athlete. She is the author of “Surviving the Lights” and creator of The Athlete Coaching System, which is designed to prepare athletes from high school through the pros for successful sports careers. Tywanna was a professional basketball player in Europe and a scholarship student-athlete at the University of Mississippi. www.tywannasmith.com.

Malone Silver is the founder of Silver Impact Athletics Consulting. He helps high school student-athletes and their support system to meet academic and NCAA initial eligibility standards. Malone was a football standout at Elizabeth City State University. Twitter: @silverimpactac; Instagram: silverimpactac; Facebook: silverimpactatheticsconsulting.

Jonathan Orr is Executive Director at Athlete Transition Services, Corp. ATS provides empowering workshops and 1 on 1 life coaching services to professional, college, and youth athletes. Jonathan had an outstanding football career at the University of Wisconsin and also played in the NFL. He is the author of “Game’s Over Life’s Not.” www.atscorp.org.

If you’re an athlete, work with or have aspirations of working with athletes, I encourage you to get to know these individuals. I invite you to share the names of other former athletes doing great work in the athlete development space.

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout. It is both refreshing and encouraging to see experts in this space with such creative approaches to athlete development. Here’s to more life-ready ballers!

  2. My pleasure Tywanna! We gotta make sure as many ballers as possible “survive the lights!”

  3. Thank you so much Janice! Its great to see so many like-minded individuals focused on giving back to the athletic community!

    1. Thank you Malcolm for sharing your story and compelling stories of athletes across all sports. You’re doing awesome work. Keep it coming!

  4. Dr. Hilliard, thank you so much. It’s been such a pleasure connecting with you over the last year. Your experience, expertise, and passion is so needed in our field. Glad to call you a colleague and friend!!

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