Staff Professional Development

Based on a lifelong career of successfully onboarding staff, Dr. Hilliard knows first-hand the value training adds to improving one’s skill set and impacting organizational performance. Customized training is provided in:

  • Athletic Identity

  • Athlete Career Development

  • Cultural Communication

  • Athlete Learning Styles

  • Crisis Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Curriculum Design

  • Athlete Literacy

Athlete Life Skills Instruction

There are critical skills and important topics athletes need to master and understand to achieve success in the classroom, sport and life. Customized, sport-specific, interactive training sessions prepare them to manage their lives with confidence.

Real world, real-time examples of professional and collegiate athletes’ experiences dealing with life situations are presented. Athletes role play, participate in small groups and interactive and competitive activities to create solutions that reflect good decision-making, conflict management and communication skills. Session topics include:

  • Sport/Life Transitions

  • Business of Sports

  • Careers in Sports

  • Athletic Identity

  • Communicating with Coaches

  • Leadership in Social Responsibility

  • Relationship Management

  • Image and Branding