Women Leaders in Sports: Shattering Expectations

In this motivational message about her journey from growing up in a small, rural, segregated community in central Texas to earning a college basketball scholarship to the University of Houston to becoming Vice President of Player Development at the National Basketball Association, Dr. Hilliard shares the emotional and riveting story of her pioneering journey to success in a male-dominated sports world. She cracks open pearls of wisdom every woman can benefit from to overcome enormous odds to reach her goals.  Topics include:

  • They Said What I Couldn’t Do
  • Driving the Lonely Road
  • Navigating Corporate Waters
  • Women Leadership in Sports
  • Re-evaluating, Re-inventing, Re-branding
  • Managing Career Transition

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

Dr. Hilliard is a frequent guest lecturer in undergraduate and graduate sports administration programs around the country. She mentors dozens of aspiring sports leaders. Lecture topics include:

  • The Athlete Core Business
  • Talent Management
  • Constructing Effective Athlete Ecosystems
  • Future Careers in Sports
  • Social Responsibility in Sports
  • Trends in Athlete Education, Development and Transition

So, Your Child Wants to Be a Professional Athlete?

Dr. Hilliard believes an often-overlooked area in sports is parent education. In this highly informative and frank talk, Dr. Hilliard presents her new model of athlete education that identifies the important issues, necessary foundational structures and key resources relevant to the preparation and success of amateur, elite and aspiring professional athletes. Interactive discussion topics include:

  • Let’s Look at the Numbers
  • The Intersection of Academics, Athletics and Society
  • Understanding the Sports Culture
  • Never Stop Parenting
  • Must Know Resources

Life Transitions: Where Do You Go from Here?

At one point or another in life, we all deal with change-personally and professionally. The ability to skillfully navigate change is an attribute top performers possess. In this thought-provoking and insightful talk, Dr. Hilliard discusses the strategies she’s utilized with world-class athletes, championship organizations and nationally recognized leaders to successfully manage life transitions.

Athlete Education, Research, Trends and Best Practices

Championship organizations utilize Big Data to inform their decisions and actions. During this talk, Dr. Hilliard presents current industry research and best practices utilized by superior athlete support systems. Contact her today and learn how to construct and apply metrics that can enhance your athlete and staff development programs.