Helping professionals help athletes succeed-A Coach For The Coach with Helen Williams & Janice Hilliard


“Helping professionals to help athletes succeed”-This week on A Coach for the Coach I will be speaking with Dr. Janice Hilliard of Hilliard Solutions. They help athletes and those who work with athletes be successful through a holistic approach to Professional Development/Athlete Development with their 360 model (i.e. roadmap/blueprint/game plan). We will be talking about the 5 pillars to help with professional and athlete development which are education, career development, economics, sociology, and psychology. Dr. Janice Hilliard of Hilliard Solutions is also creator of Women in Athlete Symposium & Networking Event which assists mostly women, in the areas of how to get a foot into the field of athletics, how to advance in this field, and/or how to successfully position a product/service in this area.

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