Giving Thanks

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December 24 Blog - Thanks Image

As we approach the end of 2019, Hilliard Solutions would like to thank you, our supporters, colleagues, advocates and friends who helped us make this a great year! Since 2017, we have been honored to create and share meaningful content and valuable information on the ever-growing and important field of athlete development. We look forward to continued engagement with you in 2020 and welcome your comments and suggestions below for future blog topics. You can also email us at

Follow us on twitter @HilliardSoluti1 and Instagram at hilliardsolutions for professional development and athlete development information that will promote your growth, increase your impact on the athletes and organizations you serve and help to prepare you for leadership positions in the field.

Finally, stay tuned to for information and registration for the 2nd Women in Athlete Development Symposium & Networking Event April 5-6, 2020 at the University of Florida. We invite all interested women to participate in this unique experience led by national women industry experts, practitioners, researchers, business leaders and entrepreneurs. See you there!


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