The Job Search in Six Simple Steps

This is the time of the year when graduates begin their job search and others assess their work performance and ponder the next career move. Many individuals struggle with career transition because they do not have a job search strategy. This can be stressing, lengthen the amount of time to find employment, financially draining and frustrating.

There are several steps involved in a job search. The first one is self-assessment and involves the 6 W’s: WHAT are your goals? WHICH skills, qualities and experiences do you need? WHY do you want this job? WHO can give you more insight about the job? WHEN do you plan to start working? WHERE do you want to live?

The second step involves researching your positions of interest. This helps you to better understand the key skills and experience needed to ensure appropriate preparation. Additionally, conducting research equips you for conversations with key people and impresses them with what you know about them, the position and the industry.

The third step in the job search involves creating a written plan to record and assess your goals. Good plans include strategies, timelines, metrics and resources. Preparation, the fourth step, includes acquiring the necessary tools and experiences (resume, cover letter, elevator speech, etc.) needed to position you for success.

The fifth job search step is networking – identifying individuals who can provide information and guidance regarding how and where to pursue your desired career. The final step involves ongoing evaluation of your job search process and progress. This means re-assessing, soliciting feedback and revising the plan.

At Hilliard Solutions, we have demonstrated success preparing first time job seekers and veterans for their job search. We’d love to assist you. CONTACT us today! Your comments below are welcomed.

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