Career Development Programming for Professional Bound Student-Athletes

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In their first year after college, 9% of women and 24% of men expect to devote themselves to their sport (NCAA Division I Seniors, GOALS Survey). Most likely that means participating professionally. This information provides an opportunity for student-athlete development professionals to survey their student-athletes and create a career education program that prepares them for a successful transition into professional sports. Doing so can motivate them to participate in planning their future while exposing them to information that will be useful in the professional sports career they are seeking.

Because of the athletic and academic time demands student-athletes must manage, particularly those in the revenue-producing sports of football and men’s basketball, many are often unable or unmotivated to participate in career development activities. I have found that a career education program that focuses on topics that these student-athletes will encounter at the professional level can not only motivate them academically but can empower them to actively participate in their career planning. The life skills curriculum we’ve developed and teach at Hilliard Solutions includes the following topics:

• Financial Education
• Relationship Management
• Coaches Communication
• Agent Selection
• Business of Sports
• Employer-Employee Relationships
• Conflict and Crisis Management
• Networking
• Leadership in Social Justice and Social Responsibility
• Careers in Sports

We can help you develop and customize a sport-specific curriculum for your professional-bound student-athletes and train your staff to deliver a comprehensive career education program. Contact Hilliard Solutions today for a complimentary, half-hour consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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